Still Life with Mouse for House & Garden, 1947

Bouillabaisse for Vogue, 1948

Cholesterol's Revenge for Vogue, 1994 and Salmon, Tofu, Fig, osteoporosis prevention foods for Vogue, 1998

Frozen Foods with String Beans for Vogue, 1977

Guinea Fowl for Vogue, 1993 and Poulet de Bresse for Vogue, 1993

Pizza, for Vogue, 2000

New York Still Life (Elements of a Party) for Vogue, 1947

"...whereas with the apples and pears we have an absolutely submissive subject: we can place them as we wish,
and they will stay there, slumping only very slowly. It is in fact their submissiveness that makes them difficult.
It is said that Cezanne (I think) would arrange the fruits with his hands behind his back, facing away from the table,
in order to overcome the natural tendency of fruit, dead fish etc., to arrange themselves in conventional compositions."

John Szarkowski writes in the foreword of Still Life: Irving Penn photographs.